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Desiree Alliance is holding a conference in Las Vegas. In the United States of America, that bastion of “Liberty” it is illegal with the exception of a few parishes in Nevada to either be a prostitute or to purchase the services of a prostitute. This does not mean that sex work is not thriving, quite the opposite but it does mean that the consequences of being caught are potentially devastating. It is another example, if another example is needed that criminalising sex work is not only morally wrong but is unworkable and creates a criminal, underground market where neither the seller or buyer is protected. Criminalising the consensual sexual activities of consenting adults makes not only the seller and buyer vulnerable to the vagaries of law enforcement but also vulnerable to the attention of criminals who not surprisingly view sex work as an exploitable market. Once again it is the law that creates the problems associated with sex work rather than sex work itself.
The Desiree alliance organise conferences where sex workers, allies, academics etc can meet and discuss sex worker issues and create strategies for the battle for sex worker rights and formulate and share policies to combat the misinformation given by anti sex worker organisations and by the government.

Desiree Alliance; like most sex worker organisations, are self financing. Like the IUSW and ECP in the UK money is a constant problem. Fund raising in order to campaign is a essential and with out your support their would be no campaign groups, no conferences and no sex worker rights movements. The Desiree Alliance has to raise funds from donations from sex workers, allies and the general public. If you can help financially in anyway please donate something. Below are details of one of the events being hosted by sex worker performance artists to raise funds to finance the Disiree Alliance Conference in Vegas.

Please donate and please enjoy.

Are you interested in supporting sex worker rights through performance
art? Go to http://kck.st/96VUMQ. We are seeking supporters to pledge
to donate as little as $5 to support the July 2010 Desiree Alliance
conference scholarship program and performance art event “If it
happens in Vegas… it’s still illegal.” The performance “IF IT
HAPPENS IN VEGAS… IT’S STILL ILLEGAL” will be our most visible event
during the conference and will reveal that not only is sex work
unjustifiably subject to law enforcement across the United States that
the same applies in the “wild” “party” town of Las Vegas.

Donors will not only get the pleasure of supporting sex workers in a
cool way but also get exclusive access to a bunch of photos and video
about the conference/performance and event via a pass coded website.
People donating $25 or more will be able to access a special blog
where we spill the beans about how we organize and strategize. Other
supporter premiums include the Soixante-Neuf package (for donors of
$69, we send you our underwear!) and the Art Lovers Special ($100 or
more, we send you movies made by sex worker advocates and a CD from
Mariko Passion).

We have to raise $2500 in total by Friday June 18. Donations are also

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