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It seems that yet another woman has been found dead. Another prostitute killed by a man who felt that he could. Another woman killed because the government sends a clear message that prostitutes are not human, not women but simply disposable non people who do not deserve rights or the protection of the law. It is a dreadful vindication of government attitudes toward sex workers that yet another daughter has died because politicians refuse to accept responsibility for the bad laws that they have made and which they encourage the police to enforce. They are laws which force women to work alone and in increasingly dangerous areas to avoid arrest both for themselves and for their clients. They are laws that force women to make quick decisions and that necessity combined with forced isolation places them in danger.
It could be so different but ignorance and prejudice and the fear of troublesome headlines and the possible loss of votes are more important to politicians than decency and common sense.
A new government has been elected. Much has been made of a freedom bill that will repeal some of the most unjust legislation created by the previous Labour government. The Liberal Democratic party alone of all the political parties promised to look at the laws governing prostitution. I have looked at the legislation that has so far been announced by the new coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Despite repeated references to fairness and justice I have found nothing to indicate any positive revisiting of the legislation on prostitution.
I therefore urge all voter but especially every Tory voter and every Liberal Democrat voter to write to the home secretary Theresa May and demand that this government look at decriminalisation. Only public pressure will make things change. If the public do not demand change then women like Suzanne Blamires will continue to go missing, will continue to be murdered.
I am that sure everyone who reads this will send their condolences to Suzzanne Blamiers family. Lets work together to stop this happening.

Write or Email the home secretary and minister for women and equality Theresa May at:Rt Hon Theresa May MP
House of Commons
Tel: 020 7219 5206
Fax: 020 7219 1145

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