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Goth…There is something that is eternally enchanting and alluring about the Goth scene. There is the fashion. Boys and girls in make up and with a dress sense that mixes historical, erotica, romantic and fetish in a wonderful and exuberant exultation to the senses and to the imagination. The music is an exciting, adventurous, eclectic mix of sounds and influences that creates a suitably hypnotic and decadent back drop for the sexual androgyny that for me represents the real attraction of the Goth scene. For Goths sexual identity becomes a flexible and exchangeable currency in a scene that challenges perceptions of normality and invites you to explore your inner darkness. Age; like gender seems unimportant in a scene where the individual is more important than how you dress or the superficiality of being the “In crowd”.
It is hardly surprising that so many sex workers feel attracted to the Goth scene where sex and drama and the celebration of individuality mix in a magical and euphoric exploration and celebration of the dark and subversive. Sex has always been an essential ingredient of Goth culture and literature. This dark, sexual under current is captured vividly in the most famous Gothic novel of all time where we are introduced to the essential Goth anti hero, Count Dracula. Dracula the Vampire leapt from the crypt and into our imagination and has become inexorably linked with all things Gothic. The attraction of ageless, sexual, predatory, beautiful creatures is perhaps mutual to both vampires and Goths. But more of vampires and sexual fantasies of the dark side in later articles..

Marie Brown from Los Angeles is a frequent visitor to the dark side and I hope will join us on Harlots Parlour as an author. Marie introduces herself as:

“I’m a very bohemian Goth lady with an affinity for all things dark and mysterious. I have worked as a prostitute at the street level on and off for quite some time. There is no shame in my game. This is what I do in order to make a living in the big city, but there is more to me than being on the game…Whore…writer…poet…pagan…free spirit…I am all of these.”

Marie has kindly written a brief introduction to the Goth/Industrial scene in Los Angles.

The goth/industrial scene has a strong presence in Los Angeles. While Los Angeles has many goth/industrial events and nightclubs from which to choose, by far the best events occuring on a regular basis are RUIN Hollywood and Malediction Society, presented by LADEAD: Los Angeles Darkside under the auspices of an exceptionally talented nightclub promoter/DJ known as DJ Xian (pronounced “zeeahn”); her artistry as a DJ is highly respected and admired.

These two events take place within a sleekly elegant venue called the Monte Cristo. Situated in the bustling mid-Wilshire district, just west of downtown Los Angeles, the Monte Cristo is nestled upstairs in a modest building. Clad in sumptuous, all-black finery, you approach the entrance from the rear, climbing up and up the twisting, mysterious flights of stairs as the compelling music from within tantalizes and beckons. You part the heavy black velvet curtains at the threshold – a threshold into a world of musical magic and enchantment…

Immediately, you are enveloped by the seductive, almost erotic darkness…a deep grey slate floor, a lavishly stocked bar, plush, black velvet seating, and the focal point: the spacious and opulent dance area, lushly appointed with dark wood flooring, deep red crystal chandeliers, swirling spotlights of red, blue, and magenta, and a truly fine, state-of-the-art sound system. This beautiful dance floor is the nexus – this is where the enchantment comes to life.

RUIN Hollywood takes place on the second and fourth Saturday of each month; on these nights, you dance to the darkest, dreamiest music played by DJ Xian and DJ Baron, the fine DJ at Severance as well as another LADEAD creation, Disko.Nekro (old-school goth/deathrock): darkwave, goth, trip hop, downtempo, tribal, synthpop, and some very avant garde selections – featuring the works of artists such as Delerium, Lisa Gerrard/Dead Can Dance, Portishead, Imogen Heap, Depeche Mode, and Azam Ali/Niyaz.

Malediction Society takes place every Sunday night: get ready to cavort in the sexy darkness to the delightfully divergent musical styles: industrial, EBM, goth, synthpop, aggrotech, and elektro – featuring the music of Velvet Acid Christ, Angels And Agony, VNV Nation, Combichrist, Informatik, and Nitzer Ebb, among many others – played by DJ Xian and the equally talented and sensational DJ Amanda Jones (who also DJs at Das Bunker and Perversion).

In addition, there are special art gallery receptions which take place once a month within the dark and mysterious room just off The Main Hall, known as The Parlour. This is an intriguing, all-black room: a black chandelier with dark red, softly glowing lights, elegant black velvet seating, and walls adorned with antique mirrors and esoterica, as well as mysterious cult projections. And, very occasionally, you just might get the opportunity to savour absinthe within The Parlour while a Mistress dominates her submissives…
If there is ever a time when you are swept off your feet into a another world, RUIN Hollywood and Maledicton Society are where it takes place…

“La conformité est la mort de l’âme…” (“Conformity is the death of the soul…”)

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