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This article in the Times illustrates how ordinary being a prostitute is. As the madame who has just escaped the clutches of our unjust legal systems says of the women she represented “We thought of ourselves as Calender girls”.
What amazes me is how often after all the hype and the dramatic tugging at the emotions by anti prostitution protesters about forced and coerced women working in brothels is that the reality is so often proven to be very different. Mostly the sex industry is filled with women and men happy in their work. The truth is that most prostitutes just want to get on with their work quietly, discreetly and with out a fuss to anyone.

Having many years ago been raided myself I fully understand the horror this woman must have experienced when the police raided her home. Being treated like some sort of terrorist or murderer, or genuine criminal for simply providing a consensual service to other consenting adults is not only scary and unjust, it actually just makes you very, very angry. It turned me into an activist for sex workers rights.

It is a sad reflection on the very lucrative nature of the rescue industry that it should point blanc refuse to acknowledge that it is the laws that they advocate that actually cause most of the harm. Court case after court case and a constant stream of evidence combine to prove that brothels are not always places of coercion as they claim but actually places of safety. Yes abuse does sadly occur but the vast majority of women and men in prostitution are actually just people doing OK thank you and who feel safer, just like any other working person in this country, working together. Prostitutes should be protected by the law and not have their homes raided by policemen with dogs who then take their belongings and threaten to throw them in gaol. Common sense, simple justice, I hope Eves and those who support them are paying attention.

Perhaps the British public through the Jury system will eventually make it clear to the law makers that they are out of touch with the public mood and need to change the unjust laws that endanger the lives of sex workers.

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