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A new British government is at last in place. It is a coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. Time will tell if this will be good for sex workers or not. The very first announcement was that the new government would look to introduce what has been called a freedom bill which will specifically look at repealing some of the three thousand five hundred laws introduced by the Labour government when it was in power. They are to look specifically at repealing some of the laws introduced under criminal legislation. This seems to be a wonderful opportunity for sex workers to once again raise awareness of the unfairness of the many bad laws that discriminate against sex workers and especially the last lot of legislation introduced in the 2009 policing and crime bill that specifically further criminalised street sex workers, clients of sex workers and introduced greater powers to encourage the police to target brothels. There is no guarantee that the new government will look at these laws but we do have a duty to remind them of the injustice inherent in those laws.

The Liberal Democrats have especially been sympathetic to sex workers. The Liberal wing of the Conservative party also has shown an interest in supporting sex workers. David Cameron our new Conservative Prime Minister belongs to the liberal and progressive wing of the Conservative party. I am therefore quietly hopeful that sex workers can at last look forward to a more sympathetic hearing than we ever had from an illiberal Labour party that had aligned itself to a minority radical feminist agenda that ideologically was incapable of recognising the rights of women or indeed the human rights of any gender. The United Kingdom has many problems economically which this new government will have to deal with which will place our concerns very low in the agenda but that aside I hope that sex workers can perhaps look to a more sympathetic hearing from a more genuinely progressive and liberal government. Fingers crossed.


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