Harlots Parlour

The Sex Industry Blog – For Media Enquiries please call us on 020 7175 0180 or email dearharlot@gmail.com


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT..I will be making changes to Harlots over the next few weeks. Hopefully these changes will be done seamlessly but should anyone have problems at any time accessing the site you will be able to do so on http://www.harlots-parlour.co.uk/

You’ll notice that the right hand side bar is now to the left, the imposing picture is now much more smaller and fits better into the scheme of things, I’ll be adding a bit of colour to the site in the next few days and I have bought up a second domain name for the site, so should one fail, we have a back up plan. Please give me suggestions as to what other improvements could be made and if you all like this slight restructure

In the long term I would like to make harlots an online magazine for the UK industry. I have been looking into the costings which will be a few thousand pounds to do this transition properly. It would be nice if industry supporters or members wished to be involved in such a project. If anyone is interested in this project and would like to be involved or are able to provide finance please contact me at dfharlot@googlemail.com

I am also prepared to take discreet advertising and consider taking a sponsor for the site. If you would be interested in any of the above then again please contact me directly by emailing dfharlot@googlemail.com

I am also looking for people interested in posting on the site. Harlots is here to reflect our very diverse industry. I am sure that our readers would like to hear more from disabled clients or escorts who work with disbled clients. I personally would like to hear more from people who work in the porn industry or others who perhaps work in more unusual areas of our industry or perhaps those who work with out reach projects here in the UK or in other areas of the world. The public would be fascinated to read about the problems that you may face in your work with those who often have problems and of course about the positive side of the work that you do.

Erotic writers and published authors would be welcome to tell us about your work. Anyone and everyone who has an interest in what is loosly termed the sex industry is welcome to submit work to be posted on this site. You can do so by sending your ideas or written posts to dfharlot@googlemail.com


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