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Thierry the president of the London adult and entertainment branch of the GMB has written an excellent article in CIF (comment is free) in the Guardian.

I have made a comment below:

Sex workers are victims of bad laws not of their work. Bad things happen to sex workers but those bad things are exacerbated by laws that deny them the rights every other worker and citizen in a civilised country should expect. Protection under the law, not persecution by the law is what sex workers demand. The fact that some people may not like sex work for moral reasons or ideological reasons based on a misunderstanding of feminism is not justification to persecute them using the full force of the law that both terrorises and dehumanises them. That is tyranny which is something sex workers have had to endure for far too long.
Justice is blind. It is a shame that so many so called feminists and legislators conveniently forget this and instead base legislation on their personal prejudice and ignorance about the experiences of others and create laws that deny the legitimacy of choice and liberty of conscience to those they prefer instead to vilify.


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