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I am delighted that Harlots-Parlour has been announced as a finalist in the category of best new blog at the erotic awards ceremony. The Erotic awards culminate in the wonderful Night of the Senses ball held in London on the 30th of April.

Harlots Parlour (UK) a group blog of sex workers and allies to discuss sex, sexuality and sex workers rights and issues in the UK, Europe , North America, Hong Kong and beyond. It is an elegant blog, where the writing is gentle, intelligent yet jusifyably angry. http://www.harlots-parlour.com contact Douglas at dearharlot@googlemail.com

It is quite an achievement for a blog that is so young to be nominated and it is a celebration of not only the writers who have contributed but the editors and of course our readers and fans.
I hope that Harlots will continue to grow and develop as a forum that represents the enormous diversity with in the sex industry. This diversity is represented in the diversity of views and opinions presented on the blog where sex workers and their allies talk about their work and how they perceive themselves both as an industry and as individuals. As important to harlots however is how the public, the patrons and clients of sex workers view them and this forum.

Harlots is a pro sex feminist blog and I hope it will continue to speak out on feminist issues and gender issues. The sex industry is under attack by a government that seems to increasingly fear sexual freedom. It is sad that while the present government should recognise in law sexual equality (while increasing inequality through changes in the benefit system that will have negative effects especially upon women) and legislate against gender discrimination that it should at the same time confuse feminism; which once was a positive movement for change with in society, with the dangerous morality of a tiny and unrepresentative but vocal minority of women who confuse sex work with violence against women almost at the exclusion of all other issues. Violence against women is very real as is violence against all genders. You do not however eliminate violence by creating laws that alienate and discriminate and stigmatise and worse endanger not only women but men and trans men and women. Creating laws on a narrow minded ideology that is based on assumptions and ignorance and prejudice and a refusal to listen to those endangered by those bad laws is bad not only for in this case sex workers, but for our society. We cannot call ourselves a modern and liberal and free society when sectors of our society are made criminals because of prejudice. The real argument is about who owns our bodies, you the individual or the state.

Harlots is always looking for more writers so that we can give our readers as wide and as diverse a representation of our industry as possible. If you would like to submit something for publication please do so at our new email address dearharlot@googlemail.com.

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