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This is an article in todays CIF in the Guardian. I have posted a comment (below).


Please also comment. The more voices raised in protest then the more chance we have of persuading legislators to create positive laws that empower and protect sex workers rather than place them in danger.

Excellent article. It is shameful that the government chose to ignore the evidence and instead based its ill judged and ill thought out laws on ignorance and prejudice and worse upon the misguided ideology of so called feminists. It was truly breath taking when Allan Campbell the minister responsible for pushing this shameful legislation through praised the work of Object for example. Object represent whom? Object campaign against violence against women and yet support laws that put women at risk. Shame on those who support this legislation and I hope that enough voices raised in protest will make this an election issue. Labour does not care about women. Labour puts women and men at risk. When a sex worker is beaten or raped and is too afraid to report the incident to the police it is the government and the law to blame. If sex workers are murdered it is the government to blame for refusing to protect sex workers or to do anything to destigmatise sex work. Sex workers are not criminals. The real criminals are this government and those who support these disgraceful laws.


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