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A full half-hour this time (from Upstate New York)

Eliot Spitzer, Mary Magdalene – and the condom in modern fiction. On WJFF’s Catskill Review of Books, Ian Williams interviews Tracy Quan about her latest novel, Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl. You can listen live Saturday, 27 March 2:30-3:00pm Eastern USA time. That’s 18:30 GMT. Or wait for the Podcast/download to post.

Tracy adds:

The Catskill mountains, a few hours north of Manhattan, are little known outside the US. If you’ve heard about Borscht Belt humor and wondered what that might be, the Catskill resort area is where lots of Jewish comedians got their start. Think Jerry Seinfeld.

When I was starting out in the sex business, my customers told me stories about the Catskills. Some of my clients had summered there as children, or worked in the Catskills as young men. One, I recall, worked as an entertainer, another (more typical) had been a waiter in law school. The area has changed radically; the resorts are gone, but the Borscht Belt isn’t completely forgotten – yet.

(If you tried to listen last week, the show was canceled to make room for their pledge drive. This is a listener-supported radio station.)

UPDATE on 3/27: Here’s the audio link on Tracy’s website.

You can follow Tracy on Twitter.


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