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We hear so much negative talk about the industry either about clients or bad managements. The prohibitionists of course hate the industry and everyone in it. We are all either exploited or exploiters. Simplistic garbage but it sells and makes the abolitionist industry lots of dosh.
What we rarely talk about is the sex industry as it is seen through the eyes of those in the industry warts and all.
I received this viewpoint from an agency owner which turns the tables a little. Instead of talking of bad managements or clients he points out another side of the sex industry which is rarely mentioned. In fact he talks of issues some consider perhaps bad practise and even impolite to talk about. But this blog is for all views and is for all of the industry. It will be interesting to read some of the comments.

There is so much talk these days about Dodgy Punters, guys who habitually time waste, guys who get to the area and don’t show and if they do show, they tend to be the guys you wouldn’t wish to meet again.

Spare a thought for the dodgy escorts. They’re not as common as dodgy punters, but for every 50 dodgy punters, there’s a dodgy escort. When it’s an indie, then the client is “buyer beware” after all he doesn’t always know what situation he’s walking in to. This lady (or gentleman) may have sounded wonderful on the phone but when they arrive at the address, the reality can be a completely different experience.

In my experience of “dodgy escorts” (and there have been many) most tend to be be the ones flitting from agency to agency, leaving behind a trail of unpaid agency commission, changing their name, hair colour and ages to suit and happily move onto the next unsuspecting client or agent.

In a day and age where escort agencies can be seen as “controlling” it’s more often the case than not that escort agencies are the ones being controlled. Girls who demand this and demand that and then never give anything back in return. I’ve met, and heard of, one or two rogue indies too who think it’s acceptable to be 2 hours late for an appointment, turn up rolling drunk and forget their manners on a dinner date. Many agencies end up picking up the pieces with these clients, when they ring with their tales about past experiences with dodgy escorts and how they’d rather use an agency than sit in their hotel room for hours on end waiting for the 8pm high class escort to turn up 2 hours late pissed off her nut.

Every month, I will get a phone call at 11am from a guy who has travelled 20 miles to see an indie, only to find that her phone is switched off when he arrives. He’s in the area, he’s horny and so the best way to get an escort there and then is to ring an agency who are likely to have a selection. These ladies don’t spare a thought or care about the client who has booked in advance and then made that 20 mile trek across town, they’ve often got a self induced crisis going on and decided to switch their phone off.

So for every 50 or so dodgy clients there is usually a dodgy escort.


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