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Catherine Stephens an activist for the IUSW and an editor on this blog was interviewed on local radio in the UK last week. If you would like to listen the links are below. It is worth listening not only to hear Catherine’s voice of course but to learn a little at least about what sort of questions are asked on radio. I have done some radio work myself and it can be tricky especially when they ask questions that you have not prepped for or questions that are more personal than you may feel comfortable with.
It is annoying that as a sex worker activists you almost always have to justify yourself in so many ways that that are really irrelevant to the subject. It is all part I suppose of the prejudiced views that are so common sadly. How can a nice, educated person ever be a sex worker? Well the answer is lots of nice educated people are and the reasons are varied; perhaps however because it is well paid and versatile hours and very rewarding in so many ways. These in my opinion are some of the very good reasons that would never cross some people’s minds because of some of the media and some politician’s obsession with sex workers as the abused victim.

March 19th radio Bristol.


Graham Torrington : 19/03/2010
Catherine is on 9:03 to about 9:35, then involved in an ongoing discussion.

March 20th Somerset radio


Catherine is on for about five minutes after nine am.

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