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Anna Arrowsmith


I wish that I lived in the parliamentary seat of Gravesham in Kent because I know who would be getting my vote in the general election. It would be Anna Arrowsmith the managing director of adult entertainment firm Easy on the Eye Productions who has directed hundreds of films under the pseudonym Anna Span. She is standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate contesting the seat currently held by the conservative MP Adam Holloway.

We need to have more sex workers to stand for public office. This not only raises the profile of those who work in the sex industry and presents them as real people but challenges the perception that the sex industry is sleazy and criminal. Pornographic films, prostitution, erotic dance, erotic writing and art, photography, the list is long and varied is an industry that our country should be proud of. Our industry contributes to our economy and provides employment and pleasure to millions. Yet despite the treasury being very happy to collect our taxes they prefer to pretend we do not exist and where they can they will persecute us and criminalise us, gaol us and seize our assets.
I wish Anna all the best. She has an uphill struggle in this safe Tory seat but the fact that she is standing for office is positive and inspiring. She is of course not the first sex worker to stand for public office. In some European countries some have even won seats for example La Ciccionlina who became an Italian MP. She did this under a proportional representation system that allows smaller parties a chance to gain seats and have influence.

The liberal Democrats support proportional representation. This much needed change is something the two main British political parties oppose for very obvious reasons. The first past the post system maintains them in power because it makes it impossible for smaller political parties to ever win seats. It is not democratic and has created a democratic dictatorship in the UK which has alienated so many voters. It always amuses me when both Labour and Tory leaders wring their hands and shed crocodile tears at the lack of interest in politics. Everyone knows that it suits them perfectly well to have low turn outs and little voter interest. Power you see corrupts but in order to be corrupted you have to be elected first. This election is our chance to give the system the shake it needs. So take this opportunity.


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