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March 3rd is International Sex Workers Rights Day! What do you have planned in your community?

This is the question asked on the FB page love your hooker and pay her well. All sex workers and sex worker organisations, supporters, clients and those who believe in human rights should be preparing to do something however small to mark this day and celebrate it. All over the world the forces of illiberal repression are encouraging states to persecute and isolate and further stigmatise sex workers. It is not only sex workers whose liberty is threatened. Attacking sexual expression and freedom is an attack on all of our human rights. When the state enters our bedrooms and attempts to control our thoughts it lays our privacy, our most intimate details of our lives open to censure by the prying eyes of the morally righteous. We know under legislation introduced by the present labour government that the state feels obliged for our good to know our political allegiances, who our friends are and where and with whom we associate. It accesses our emails and texts and to object is to be considered suspicious. Sex workers are simply the most visible and easily identifiable targets for the moralists, so called feminists and lazy politicians looking for salacious headlines to target.
So if you can do something to show solidarity and support for sex workers in their battle for rights and an end to state harassment and persecution then please do so. Sex workers are not criminals and we all need to tell our politicians not to criminalise sex workers or their clients but to recognise sex work as work and sex workers as people. Standing up for sex workers rights is also to send a message that all human rights are valuable and precious and need to be protected.


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