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What I did for love…

Should you give up your job for a man? We hate to admit this, but for quite a few of us ladies it’s easy to get all hot and bothered when the man we love resents our work. It makes us feel like the star of our own private, x-rated soap opera.

And we’re more forgiving than we might be if we worked in, say, a bank or a department store. In fact, we would regard any man who resents his wife/girlfriend working at a bank as an abusive, scary nutter. Men who don’t think women should work are out of step in mainstream Western life.

But an exception is made for men who love women in the sex industry.

Adult-film actress Joslyn James (aka Veronica Siwik-Daniels) says she stopped working because her alleged lover, Tiger Woods, was “very jealous.” She has a high profile lawyer and, quite possibly, a valid claim. You can watch the video here and read my latest Daily Beast column here.

I’d love to know what you think! Would you quit turning tricks/making films for a guy? Is this a problem for male sex workers? Or is it just the girls who fall for this line?

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