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A brilliant article in the Scottish Herald. Well argued and sensible. Why will politicians not listen? I suppose the media in general and politicians like easy targets to attack. The sex industry is an easy target because the sex industry finds it hard to answer back. We are criminalised and stigmatised so for us to rally the troops is hard. Sex workers are fearful of arrest and exposure to ridicule and spiteful name calling and intrusive investigation into their lives if they speak positively about their work. Clients are equally frightened and the general public even though most support sex workers rights are still squeamish about expressing openly their support because other people, friends and relatives may think that by supporting us they must be either punters or whores.

And so the moralists and the illiberal and elitist middle class so called feminists get away with targeting sex workers and using the law to push us out of sight, under the carpet so that they can feel better. By doing so they hand men and women over to the criminals who prosper in an exploitable market that they the moralists have created. Some feminists talk of decriminalising sex workers and instead criminalising our clients. Decriminalising the sex worker however is a joke if everything that allows sex workers to work safely is criminalised and our clients who pay us are turned into criminals for paying us to have consensual sex with them. It is all a very sick joke. Sex workers are not criminals. Adults having consensual sex should never be a criminal offence even if money does exchange hands. These moralist use the hysteria around exploitation to justify oppressive laws and yet they encourage exploitative practises by criminalising sex workers and their clients. They make the police the enemy of sex workers rather than our friends. If only the politicians were not lazy and based laws on evidence rather than allowing themselves to be caught in a manufactured hysteria about sex trafficking that conveniently ignores other areas where trafficking and exploitation occurs. But then cockle picking as one example is not as sexy for the media or politicians as prostitution.


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