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It seems that Labour has now given up any pretence that they are interested in only victims of human trafficking. The labour manifesto as reported in this article in the Times has made it clear that if they are re elected then they intend to launch a major assault on the sex industry.
Building on the recent policing and crime Bill the labour party it seems will not be happy until sex workers are hounded into the dark underworld where obviously they feel that we all belong. They assume we are all criminals and are committed to insuring that we are criminals, outsiders, living in fear of the law rather than being protected by the law.

Sex workers, our allies and our clients surely have a duty of conscience to oppose Labour and vote for what ever is the most likely alternative to rid themselves of a labour member of Parliament. The health and safety of sex workers and our clients and the battle against abuse and trafficking has to take priority above any misguided party loyalty. The Labour party has an obsession with creating laws that infringe upon our civil liberties and that would control our thoughts and the images that we see and what we do as consenting adults. Will they stop with adverts in Newspapers and magazines? It is very unlikely that this would be the case. If successful the next move will be the Internet and the banning of web sites and forums and blogs.
As in China then perhaps in the UK if Harriet Harman and her accomplices in the Labour party return to power with what they would feel a mandate to impose yet more illiberal laws for our own good; of course


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