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I found this an amusing little insight into the working life of Julie Bindel . In this case £250 of Julies or the Guardians money paid for an unusual trip into the exotic in the name of feminism and investigative journalism of course. Julie was off investigating the odd Japanese custom of nyotaimori which involves eating sushi off the naked body of a beautiful woman, ideally with small breasts otherwise the sushi falls off, apparently.

The rights and wrongs of paying to eat your dinner in this manner are debateable. I would be concerned that my naked plate had consented and was paid appropriately. In my opinion it was the fools paying £250 for this dubious privilege who were being duped. It appears mainly to have been bankers participating which suggests much about bankers and the silly, spoilt boy culture that prevails in the city. Thanks to Julie we also now know how those spoilt little boys spend at least a little of their dubious bonuses.

On a purely personal level eating dinner off the naked body of a gorgeous male hunk, if I was in the right mood and with the correct ambiance could have a certain appeal provided I was convinced that he had washed every inch before covering himself with appropriate nibbles.
What I found amusing in this article however was the slightly dismissive attitude of Ms Bindel to the hippie veggie restaurant which she apparently had to clomp through to reach her exotic eatery. I have to presume from her tone that Julie is a steak and chips washed down by a pint sort of woman? I could be wrong of course not ever having been invited for diner with Julie although I do live in hope, naturally. It would be such an opportunity to swap sex worker anecdotes.

I wonder, should I ever receive an invite to go to a gay version of nyotaimori, if indeed there is a gay version, if it is possible to order a veggie option?
Perhaps I should ask Julie!


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