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Alexander McQueen was found dead today. It seems he committed suicide. He had nothing directly to do with sex work but for many the world of fashion, art and sex is all part of the beautiful people, beautiful lives cliché.
I am a sex worker and I am also a designer. I find the two worlds are very similar. They are both about pleasure and making people happy. They are both about glamour and sex and yes power or at least the illusionary power of wanting and desiring and seeking perfection. It is about image and images are powerful.
Both fashion and sex make people happy if only on an artificial level. For some that is enough. A beautiful design, a beautiful man or a beautiful woman are all desirable, It is our desirability, our creativity as sex workers, as designers, as artists which makes us marketable and successful. It also can sadly bring us pain and unhappiness.
Money and success do not always bring happiness. This was obviously the case with this talented and brilliant designer. It is something for us all to ponder. There is something always sad about the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of beauty because in the end it is always illusionary but that makes it no less desirable.

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