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We live in a world where people are starving, where people have to exist in appalling conditions. We live in a world where so few people have choices. We live in a world where abuse of animals, of humans and of our planet is considered normal.
As sex workers we know what it feels like to be ignored and abused and treated as others, inconsequential, inferior and this is usually by governments who institutionalise stigma and abuse encouraged by people with a political or religious agenda. It is no surprise that some people feel no shame in creating a page on face book
that encourages violence towards sex workers. These people find it amusing. Do I blame them? The answer is no. The blame lies with journalists and agitators like Julie Bindel and friends. I blame the politicians and the religious leaders who talk of us as victims rather than people with rights. The people with our blood on their hands are not the silly people/kids who created this face book page but the so called responsible adults who criminalise us and make us easy targets.

Institutionalised hate is nothing new and is sadly something that states encouraged by bigoted institutions whither they be religious or political use to target minorities whither they be sex workers or minorities sexual or ethnic. Minorities become easy scapegoats for troubled societies
In Uganda laws are about to be passed that will criminalise gay sex and even use the death penalty to kill gay people for what? Having sex and falling in love. There is a petition by Avaaz to try and persuade the Ugandan president to veto this law.
Please sign and encourage others to do so if you can.
The fight for sex workers rights is inextricably linked with the universal struggle for human rights. We are fighting some entrenched and powerful forces that use their money and the law to silence us and dismiss us.

We have a duty as human beings to stop them.


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