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Tracy’s News: Mornings in Hong Kong

I enjoy being a frequent guest on Phil Whelan’s Morning Brew at Radio 3 Hong Kong. Here are some recent audio highlights from my site, www.TracyQuan.net.

When Ashley Met Mandy: What we can learn from Ashley Dupre about the legacy of Mandy Rice-Davies, Xaviera Hollander and other well-known survivors. Listen here.

Mary Magdalene Superstar: Why was this medieval role model a harlot? In 2010, her relics (see image, upper right) continue to benefit the Church. Click here to find out more.

Beyond Sex: What every parent should know about the new Winnie-the-Pooh! Listen here.

And here’s some earlier audio you may have missed.

Hockey Feminism: A hooker’s perspective on the American election season. Listen here.

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