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A little response to another Julie Bindel Guardian article demanding yet more legislation to make the lives of sex workers that little bit more difficult. She is such a lovable little soul.


Our Julie “Gawd bless her little cotton socks” has been off on one of her rants again.
This time the target of her wrath is those who profit from taking adverts for us prossies. Yep, newspapers and magazines should be banned from profiting from us poor victims. Her reasoning is that some of those women who advertise have foreign names and may be trafficked. They may not of course but in Julie’s world little inconveniences like knowing facts before jumping to conclusions mean little.
Her co conspirator in this idea is Vera Baird the solicitor general who is also the Labour MP for Middlesbrough which is not far from my own fair city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. This pair of would be saviours of fallen women are it appears hoping to learn about women’s rights from Southern Ireland where such laws already exist. Yes I laughed when they mentioned Southern Ireland as well. This is the country where you can still legally rape your wife and women have to travel at great expense to the UK to get an abortion. So much then for Julies feminist credentials but to be honest I think feminism is something our little Julie has abused for political convenience. She certainly extols a feminism that has illiberal prejudices out of step with the movement’s liberal heritage.

A number of problems spring to mind with this new idea of our Julie’s; the little scamp that she is. Firstly prostitution is by all accounts thriving in Southern Ireland despite this ban much to the disappointment of the writer of this article.
http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/the-happy-hooker-myth-a-far-cry-from-reality-of-sex-trade-1996978.html .
Secondly most sex workers advertise on the internet so a Newspaper advertising ban would be at best an inconvenience. Thirdly Newspapers are struggling financially and for many the removal of the adult, sex worker adverts would reduce dramatically their income. Banning our adverts (remember sex workers often are charged premium rates for the pleasure of advertising, quite unfairly) could potentially be the nail in their coffin. Fourthly prostitution is not illegal and there is something just unfair about denying a legal profession a right to advertise. Even this draconian government in the recent policing and crime bill recognised independent sex workers and their clients as perfectly legal. It was only the clients of sex workers forced or coerced that were criminalised although until a court case sets a precedent what constitutes in legal terms forced or coerced remains a little bit of a mystery. Finally; and this for me is quite important. If we are to believe that thousands of sex slaves are chained to beds the length and breadth of the UK then conveniently at present the local press provide almost a telephone directory to use to contact, manage and even rescue these victims. If Bindel and Baird have their way it seems they would be again be tampering with a vital tool in the battle against sex trafficking.
If newspapers, sex worker managements, drivers etc who all profit from sex work are either already criminalised or to be banned from profiting from sex work where will it end. Sex work is an industry. No sex worker exists alone. Sex workers use the services of hairdressers, drivers, beauticians, trainers, photographers, web site designers.The list of people who profit from prostitution is endless and of course includes the treasury itself through our tax.
Also what of our Julie herself? Talking about sex work has been very kind to Julie. She has built herself a career and a reputation talking and writing about the evils of sex work. Sex as Julie knows sells and our Julie knows how to turn a few tricks faster than a bunch of whores when the navy is in port.
How much money does Julie pocket from talking about in her opinion the awfulness of sex work? The articles she writes and her guest appearances around the UK must all add up to a nice little earner for her. A thriving and very lucrative and self perpetuating rescue industry now exists of which Julie Bindel is a part. When you think about it whore money pays a lot of wages in one form or another; does it not Julie luv.

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