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An open letter from a client

“There has been a significant amount of discussion recently in the public domain about the Escort/Sex Industry and in particular the recent proposal to outlaw and criminalise the sex industry in Scotland. Here I would like to add my own thoughts/opinions on this as a happy and satisfied client of escorts.

I will not try and convince people that every aspect of the ‘escort/sex industry’ is perfect and happy in the Garden of Eden. The ‘escort/sex industry’ like any industry is multi-faceted e.g.: financial sector, housing market and has bad parts as well as good parts, as does any industry. One can see the harmful/bad parts of the sex industry, by taking a walk/drive through parts of any large city to see poor woman and other young girls drugged out and often forced against their will to participate in this trade and harassed by numerous deployable men. Making the entire environment unpleasant for everyone living and working in the surrounding area and in turn this does a non-negligible amount of damage to society as a whole. This is clearly a problem and one that should be addressed. However, as stated above the sex industry is multi-faceted and it is important to realise that this is only one part albeit a bad part of a much larger industry. Solving one problem at the expense of the entire industry is no solution at all! Another part of the industry, is worked by intelligent hard-working woman, well aware of exactly what the work involves and are doing it through choice, one only has to talk them and listen to their views to find this out. The recent outing of Belle-de-Jour highlights this point. These women are honest law-abiding people making a valuable contribution to society; I will expand on this point in the following paragraph.

As stated above a vast majority of the women working as escorts make a valuable contribution to society, so let me justify this point, by perhaps first giving a personal perspective on why I use escorts. I personally use escorts because they provide an open honest service, without what might be considered by some additionally emotional baggage, they are private and discreet providing companionship, which is different from what I experience in my professional life and before anyone conjectures sex is not involved for me! Thus in the spirit of a change is as good as a rest, I always feel relaxed and refreshed after meeting with an escort and therefore I am able to work and perform better in my professional life. Often if I’m feeling slightly down, I only have to think of the many happy times I have spent with an escort and a smile soon returns and I’m ready to continue with my work. Therefore I conclude that these professional self-employed women make a valuable contribution to society, albeit indirectly, pay their taxes and support themselves and loved ones without being a burden to society.

If what is perceived to be a solution to one problematic part of the industry is rushed through with out proper consultation we will overnight make a large number of self-employed women unemployed with a corresponding avoidable/unnecessary financial strain on an already strained/stretched social benefits system.

However, if a proper solution is sort with full consultation between all those involved, e.g. law enforcement agencies, professional escorts and their clients, then a complete solution fully thought through can be obtained. To the benefit of all concerned. I will not claim to know what this solution is and to quote: Piet Hein: ‘Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back’, so a solution may not be easy to find, but that does not mean one should not try.

One of course may wish to take a moral stand and say the entire industry is deployable and should be stopped, as these women are selling their bodies! However, in this day and age do we all not sell the skills we have in one form or another. Models sell their looks, singers sell their voices and many people sell their minds. After all what right do any of us have to take away another persons free will, by stopping them making their own choices of what they choose to do, as long as it is not to the detriment of others of course. I for one certainly do not.

So please let everyone concerned sit down and discuss the problem and see what can be achieved, after all two minds are better than one.

In hopefully anticipation.

A satisfied client of professional escorts.”


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