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This evening in Soho the IUSW (International Union of Sex Workers) hold what has become an annual festive event of Carol singing and mince pies and mulled wine. Walking the streets of Soho members of the IUSW and supporters aim to bring festive cheer to sex workers while raising awareness of the issues of violence against sex workers and to maintain and amplify our demand for protection from the law and not persecution.
With the support of local churches and other groups it is a special event in the Soho calendar as well as in the sex worker rights movement. It is now an event that is celebrated world wide. Celebrating the 17th of December as a day to raise awareness of the issue of violence toward sex workers began in America because one particularly brutal serial killer felt that such is the stigma attached to sex work because of the legal discrimination enshrined in law that he could kill sex workers with out fear of repercussions. Sadly he killed too many before being caught.
The recent policing and crime bill passed by this labour government in the UK further entrenched the stigma surrounding sex work and further eroded the relationship between sex workers and the police. It was a set back in the fight for sex workers rights and a betrayal of sex workers who presented copious amounts of evidence to support our claims for justice and recognition and protection under the law.
The betrayal of sex workers by this government and the use of exaggerated and hyper emotionalised evidence to justify yet more bad law has simply strengthened a determination to right the wrongs of centuries and to further cement an atmosphere of co operation among sex workers to fight for justice.
If you are in Soho please join the in the Carol singing and remember despite set backs and loosing the odd battle the war for sex workers rights will be won.

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