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Now that the decorations are going up and phones are starting to ring and the party season swings into action the sex workers of the world prepare for the busiest time of year for them as well. I hope this year is no exception despite all the talk of gloom and doom and recession.

Christmas for working boys and girls is very busy. Like any other services industry we find ourselves accommodating not only our regulars but those who perhaps save up all year (who knows) for a special sexy treat for themselves. It is a tiring time of year but rewarding not only financially but in the opportunities we have to meet new faces and hopefully turn them into regulars. It is the time when tips are bigger and our more generous clients feel obliged to turn up with gifts. This year it will be interesting to see if the recession will make any difference but some how I doubt it.
I of course am an escort and my knowledge is only of the indoor market where every year we look forward with an odd mixture of apprehension and joy to Christmas. There is something special about the Christmas season. The clients seem determined to have a good time, some becoming a little too merry but thankfully rarely in my experience. The decorations add a certain something even if it is just a little tree in the corner or some Christmas lights around the bed. There is a joy in the tackiness that accentuates the naughtiness of the encounter and sometimes with special regulars there is even a tempted romance in the candlelight especially when they arrive with champagne and yes you are tempted to give a little longer of your time for free which perhaps is forgivable only at this time of year.
Last year despite nursing a cold I managed to entertain until eight O Clock on Christmas Eve before saying good bye and Merry Christmas to my last client after which I threw myself exhausted but happy onto the sofa where my partner handed me a large glass of port. I know there are those sadly who will not have my positive experiences but I can only talk of my work and of the experiences of those with whom I work.
There are two times of year I enjoy especially in my working life. Christmas because of its tackiness and flurry of activity and early spring just because it is a time of year I personally enjoy and everything seems new and special.
One day when I retire and my partner chooses that retirement home especially for me I will have lots of stories I can tell to entertain my fellow waiting for God retirees. My Christmas tales may of course be responsible for a few early coronaries among the more sensitive souls but is that my fault especially if he opts out of naughtiness for the St Julie Bindel retirement home for past it tarts !

Have a happy Christmas .


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