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It’s only a Penis

A little thoughtful snippet taken from ideas began in a previous post “A prostitute I am, compassionate am I”. Have a smile and enjoy and I hope it perhaps makes us all think including JB if she pays a visit.

Once the image of the penis was to found every where you looked. You could not move for rampant cocks ejaculating benedictions on a world unashamed of expressing sexual joy. This was our world before monotheism usurped the Goddesses and Gods who inspired civilisation and patriarchy psychologically castrated men banishing the penis as an object of shame to be controlled and humiliated. The penis even in todays liberated times is still too terrifying to be displayed publicly and receiving or giving joy for or to the penis is too often derided as sinful, shameful, naughty, embarrassing or plain criminal.
Radical feminists would have all men socially re educated so that they are ashamed to find joy in their own bodies or worse in the bodies of women. Objectifying men as rapists, potential rapists, abusers and predators, paedophiles or potential paedophiles is a convenient excuse to avoid confronting their own sexual prejudices. This affirms their idea of the right women who agree and wrong women who are yet to be liberated. Inciting governments to create bad law that targets men for simply being sexual and enjoying the joy of sexual fantasy and sexual contact, unless with in prescribed limits that they of course decide, is simply to place a modern twist on the traditional patriarchal control they claim to oppose. What I ask is radical about this? It is simply a reaffirmation of patriarchy that extolled the mortification and denial of the flesh on a promise of life ever lasting after death. Radical feminists far to easily have adopted the role of the new moralists revalorising this dubious old ethic that has caused so much harm to both men and women and which we all must unite against not only for our sakes but for our future generations.

The Radical feminists may not themselves refer to future spiritual rewards for encouraging emotionally and sexually castrated men and women to be shamed into a new totalitarian orthodoxy but they are very comfortable with the company of those who do assume the moral high ground. Radical feminists may prefer to talk of creating a healthy society which recognises sexual equality and no longer objectifies the female form as simply a sexual object, a tool, an orifice for men to both physically and mentally ejaculate into or over. They may talk in these emotive terms but that is not the reality of what they are doing. Instead of embracing the diversity of the human experience of which the sex industry is but one part, they prefer instead to use lurid and derisive stereotypes against any sexual behaviour that does not fit their moral and political tastes. These hyper emotional pronouncements cripple reasoned debate, thus causing fatal distractions from rational resolutions to serious issues.
Humanity is ingenious in subverting attempts to normalise us all into one homogenous malleable unit. The sex industry is exemplary in its tenacity for survival in the face of oppression. The reason it does survive and prosper is because it fulfils a human need. Despite our so called liberal society and the sexual revolution of the sixties and seventies there is still a perception of sexual normality with in our society based on an ideal of heterosexual family life. The reality however for many is often very different from expectation and so we find ways of making life work to suit our individual circumstances at any particular time and not least sexually.
Men and women often face a multiple variety of sexual issues with in their lives. For many people coming to terms with gender and orientation, coming to terms with variances of sexual libido either as single people or in relationships, coping with social, mental and physical disabilities are all issues and problems that sex workers service. The list is endless in terms of the variety of areas with in our lives where sex is an issue. Simply learning to be a sexual person and to become a lover are both areas where the expertise of sex workers are ignored. It is wrong that men have become scapegoats for society’s sexual squeamishness and that servicing the penis is too easily confused with objectifying women rather than acknowledging that people have sexual needs that are various and complex and actually normal.

Accepting that the sex industry has a role to play in a healthy society is not to accept injustice or to turn a blind eye to areas with in the sex industry that infringes on acceptable behaviour or encourages abuse and discrimination. These however are issues with in society in general and common to all areas where the public is engaged for gain either financial or political.
What we must do is to accept that the human rights of sex workers and of our clients and consumers are recognised and that the abuses with in the sex industry that are often the result of laws that disenfranchise and stigmatise and criminalise should not be used as an excuse to deny us our rights and our dignity and the respect we deserve.

So let us rediscover the joy of the penis and receive its ejaculations of benedictions with out fear or prejudice and understand that it has needs that fulfilled will lead to a more harmonious and happy society. Let us stop being afraid of sex and the human body both male and female and as a society truly have a sexual revolution.

Smile it’s only a penis.

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