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News from Switzerland: Women’s magazine reports about prostitution

The recent issue of the women’s magazine „Annabelle“ advertised with a „Redlight-Report: Prostitution in times of the financial crisis“. I was curious how the magazine would report about the sexworkers, so I bought it. The article was quite what I had imagined- not really any new information, a focus on shocking quotations, but still researched. As often in such articles, it only reported about the most visible kind of prostitution, but at least it was mentioned that there are many different kinds of it. I think it gave a somewhat realistic view on street prostitution, not euphemizing it but neither painting an all-too-dark picture. I’m probably not the best person to judge that since I don’t know anything about it from own experience, but I try to stay as informed as possible, after all there are many different information sources with different perspectives one can consult.

However, one thing shocked me bitterly. In the editorial, the head-editor wrote about an experience she had recently had. She was walking down the street when two prostitutes got in a fight, apparently about a client. She described them as „creatures who live from selling their bodies and have lost their soul in the process“.

I wrote an angry e-mail to the editor, demanding an explanation how she has any right to say such cruel and demeaning things about other human beings only on the basis that they sell sex. What she wrote back quite stunned me. She explained that the editorial had to measure up to two conditions: It had to be personal and sincere, and that means it is not always politically correct, and she just couldn’t understand prostitution. Politically incorrect?? Imagine if she had described black people as „brainless apes“ or homosexuals as „sick freaks“. Something like that would NEVER have been published, and rightly so. But calling sexworkers „soulless creatures“? No problem.

One does not have to understand something to show the minimally required amount of respect and consideration.

Link to the Article

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