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Building Community : one naked lady at a time

One of the best parts of writing about the sex business besides informing the public is building an active community of like minded men & women, a place to call home. Some of us have had to keep parts of our lives secret from family or friends, others have contended with the moral and legal judgment of “civilians”.

Finding your tribe is a big deal, a very big deal.

The publication of Soft Skull Press’ Hos, Hookers, Callgirls & Rentboys and the subsequent Sex Worker Literati readings at Happy Endings, NYC continues to snowball into an active community, bringing three strippers, Lauri Shaw, Rachel Aimee (co-founder $pread magazine) and Jodi Sh. Doff, who together span almost 40 years of stage and lap time, for a behind the scenes look at the Naked for Money industry. Some things have changed, some things never will. The Three Naked Ladies are hoping to open up an ongoing discussion with strippers and lapdancers, to continue to build community. There will be new topics every Wednesday, posted simultaneously at in England on LauriShaw.com and New York on the dirtygirldiaries.


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