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Welcome to Harlot’s Parlour!

In the very beginning, Harlot’s Parlour was going to be a UK blog. The UK feminist blog scene is dominated by radical feminists and the feminist sites that support sex workers’ rights practically all seem to be American, which means that the UK sex workers’ issues and activist sites get left out of the discussion a lot of the time. So, the idea was to set up a UK group blog in support of sex workers’ rights.

But then, I know a lot of Americans. It seemed almost churlish to ignore their voices because, when it comes down to it, the American crowd have had more influence on my feminism than anyone else. So, I decided to include them to have a wider range of experience on the blog, which in turn would appeal to a wider audience.

It was at this point I really recognised the potential of this blog. This is a fantastic way of getting UK sex workers’ issues out there to a large audience by supporting each other on a global scale. Blogging is the medium to get topics discussed, debated, thrashed out… this is one way to make things happen.

But then, why stop at the UK and the US?

So then Harlot’s Parlour was truly born: a blog which will discuss sex, sexuality and sex work issues across the UK, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand; in as many countries as we can in fact. We’ll talk about everything – theory, the media, personal experience, the law and whatever else we come up with on the way.

And we’ve got some great writers lined up for you, some you’ll recognise, some you may not. From the UK, you have me, Douglas Fox and Catherine Stephens, both of whom have written for the Guardian, both members of the International Union of Sex Workers. We also have Stephen Paterson, whose blog An Anthology of English Pros is invaluable, particularly when trying to understand UK laws. You may also recognise Ruth Moss, who writes for Mothers For Women’s Lib, as well as Claudia Bellocq, Evie Foxwell, Gaina, and Sensuous Amanda.

From the USA we have Renegade Evolution who writes for Sex Workers Outreach Program East as well as her own blog, Amanda Brooks from Bound, Not Gagged, The Notebook and After Hours, and Elizabeth Woods of Sex In The Public Square. Cara Kulwicki and Jill Filopovic from Feministe will also be making an appearance, as well as Tracy Quan, author of the Nancy Chan trilogy and columnist for the Guardian. Jodi Sh. Doff, whose writing has appeared in Hos, Hookers, Callgirls and Rentboys, Bearing Life : Women’s Writings on Childlessness, Bust, Cosmopolitan, Penthouse, Play Girl (among many others) will also be contributing, and Sarah Jaffe, who has been seen at GlobalComment, Bust and interviewing the Suicide Girls. You may also know Belledame, Diva, Karen, Lucy, PSO Confessions and Rogue Reverend.

From Canada, we have Michael Goodyear of Dalhousie University and Sex in the Public Square.

From Australia we have Queen Emily and Hexy (both of whom have written for Feministe this summer) and Anastasia of Lucrezia Magazine. From New Zealand, Catherine Healy of New Zealand Prostitutes Collective will also be making an appearance.

In Germany we have Sina (who blogs at Sinamore’s blog, from Jordan you’ll know Natalia Antonova, editor of GlobalComment and in Sweden we have Laura Agustín, author of Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry and Trabajar en la industria del sexo, y otros tópicos migratorios, also editor of The Cultural Study of Commercial Sex. Special edition of Sexualities.

But, we’re always looking for more writers, so if you would life to contribute then please do get in touch.

We can’t claim to represent everyone’s experience and nor do we claim to represent all sex workers, but nevertheless I hope people can learn from this blog and develop their thoughts and opinions. I hope that this blog will spark a great deal of discussion.

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